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It’s still sort of surreal to see the billboards come up and you start to see the trailers playing and you say, ‘Wow, it’s actually happening.’ But a year and a half ago when I first got cast, I was certainly informed of how big it was gonna be so I’ve had that time to think about it, but yeah you still double-take at billboards and go, ‘What the hell is that?!’

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new iphone wallpaper get

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Chris Hemworth - some more odds and ends found on Twicksy

god he’s perfect

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Gr8 to work w/Chris again- here he is about to rehearse on deck 4 In the Heart of the Sea


Anonymous said: yeah D: i tried to inform the other two artists of the video but i cannot (for the life of me) find their tumblr or deviantart (and i cannot recall who made the other two drawings)...I just thought you should be properly informed of the situation at hand.

thank u for telling me. i just watched the video, it’s truly embarrassing and disturbing and i can tell it’s the same to tom. i’ve never thought it would be shown to him and i’ve never wanted it to be. it’s not safe to put your works on tumblr now. those interviewers just take them and print them and show them to your favorite stars without your permission. what’s wrong with those people?

Anonymous said: your thorki fanart was shown to tom hiddleston (the shower kink one). Thought you wanted to know, the name of the youtube video is--- Sam Mac's Interview with Tom Hiddleston


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